Dressing For Cold Weather Activities

Don’t let the cold of winter put you into hibernation. Being prepared is critical when dealing with cold weather. A little planning and dressing right for temperatures at or below freezing can get you ready for enjoying outdoor activities, despite the elements.

Dressing in layers will help keep you dry and regulate your temperature. Match your layers to the climate conditions you are in, your activity level and whether you tend to get too hot or too cold.

Outer layers should protect from wind, rain and snow. Jackets and pants made of Gore-Tex are an ideal outer layer.

Middle layers hold in your body heat. Materials include fleece, polyester, down, wool or synthetic and natural blended materials.

Inner layers are the first layer of clothing closest to your body. This base layer should fit snug and keep moisture away from the body to prevent becoming chilled by wet clothing. Materials are usually polyester, polypropylene, silk or a mix of synthetic and natural insulating fibers.

Peel off layers as you need to, in order to regulate your comfort level when you’re active. Better to have too many layers to take off, than to be left exposed. You’ll be more comfortable outdoors, if you are properly dressed.

"A grown up is a child with layers on." - Woody Harrelson