Latest Exercise Trends - Are They Worth It?

Every year, fitness trends come and go, but only a precious few have staying power. So, of the fitness fads in 2014, how do you know which ones are worth trying? Lucky for you, we did some research!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – What is it? Short bursts of high-intensity training with a short period of rest. Examples include CrossFit and P90X. Is It Worth Trying? Maybe. The upside is that HIIT elevates your metabolic rate post-exercise so you continue burning fat and calories post-workout. However, experts warn that HIIT could cause musculoskeletal injuries and cardiac issues.

Body Weight Training – What is it? Using your own body weight – think pushups, pull-ups, etc. Is It Worth Trying? Yes. It incorporates cardio and weight training, increases flexibility, and it burns fat fast. It’s also very cost effective and convenient.

Yoga – What is it? A series of poses that incorporates the mind and body for overall wellness. Is It Worth Trying? Absolutely. We can tell you from experience that yoga makes your body healthy, flexible, and pain free. There’s a reason yoga remains a top fitness trend year after year! If you sit at a desk all day, these poses can help your back and neck pain while toning your muscles as well. This year, anti-gravity (or aerial) yoga is the big trend (you hang suspended in the air – cool, right?)

Aqua Spinning – What is it? Spinning bikes in a pool! Is It Worth Trying? Yes! It’s a great core and cardio workout. The water adds extra resistance and really targets your abs. It’s like swimming and cycling at once. Also worth mentioning, the water stimulates the lymphatic system acting as a massage during your workout.

Although most of these trends are worth trying, be sure to consult a physician before attempting any of these exercises.

"Nobody creates a fad. It just happens."   Jim Henson