Food For Teeth

Eating can be as good for your teeth as brushing? It’s true. Your teeth actually have nutritional needs. Foods that fight bacteria, remove plaque, and strengthen enamel, protect your teeth and smile.
• Celery, apples and carrots take extra chewing and produce a lot of saliva to fight cavity-causing bacteria. Chomping on celery massages gums and naturally flosses between teeth.
• Cheese preserves and rebuilds tooth enamel.
• Green tea kills the bacteria that turns sugar into plaque and keeps your breath fresh.
• Fruits high in vitamin C, like kiwi, keep your gums healthy.
• Proteins like chicken, eggs, and turkey are rich in phosphorus and help prevent decay.
• Onions’ pungent sulfur not only makes us tear up, but it kills various types of bacteria - most powerful eaten raw, perhaps diced on a salad.
• Parsley chewing keeps your breath fresh after a meal that may leave the need to refresh.
• Sesame seeds are high in calcium, help preserve the bone around your teeth, and act as a cleanser to help prevent plaque build-up.
• Water hydrates the gums and stimulates saliva, which again, fights plaque and cavities.
• Sugarless chewing gum is another great saliva generator and removes food particles from your mouth.
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