Cider Season

Apple cider is a Fall delicacy. Just the smell of apple cider brings to mind autumn colors, the sound of leaves ruffling in the wind and the sweet taste of a cup of fresh apple cider.

  • Fresh cider is raw apple juice that hasn’t undergone the filtration process that apple juice does.
  • Cider is made of washed apples that are sliced and mashed into the consistency of applesauce then wrapped in a cloth and put into wooden racks to be further smashed. The juice is squeezed out and flows into tanks and bottled as cider.
  • Whether you choose your cider cool and refreshing or a hot steamy brew, it’s packed with potassium and iron.
  • This pure nectar has no sugar added and 6 ounces are only about 87 calories.
  • Apple cider vinegar is believed to be a natural cure for numerous ailments from fighting acne, curing bad breath, improving digestion, preventing bladder stones and urinary tract infections, alleviating symptoms of arthritis, strengthening the immune system and even fighting fleas for dogs.

If you need a home remedy for something, there is a good chance that there is one that contains some form of apple cider vinegar.