Savings on Back-To-School Supplies

Fuel costs and a slumping economy make for less in your wallet for school supplies.

Here are a few tips whether shopping for yourself or your kids:

  • Dollar stores have a decent selection of paper products, like notebooks, pens and highlighters.
  • Garage sales can have calculators, computers, clothes and lots of useful items for college dorm rooms.
  • High-tech Hand-me-downs. Sites for swapping or second hand options are,,, plus check your local listings for consignments shops in your town.
  • Check for student discounts. Some stores offer discounts just for students, so just make sure to ask.
  • Buy used textbooks and refurbished computers.
  • Bulk Deals. Look for coupons that give bigger savings for buying more.

" I never let my schooling interfere with my education."   Mark Twain