A Family Affair

Experts have said that nightly dinners together are beneficial to a child’s development in many ways, but healthy togetherness doesn’t have to stop at the dinner table. Family fitness is a great (and even fun) way to get your family’s recommended amount of physical activity! Decide What You Want To Do and Make a Schedule One of the most difficult parts of starting a more active lifestyle is finding the time. Coordinating schedules of multiple family members makes it that much harder! Sit down with your family and discuss activities you would all enjoy doing. Excellent and unique activities to get active as a group are, hiking, walking, biking, playing catch, or even having a dance party. Once you agree on the activities, set aside a time and be sure to stick to it!

What To Do And How To Make It Fun

  • Walk instead of driving. Not only is it great for your health, but you may also discover things about your neighborhood that you hadn’t noticed before.
  • Instead of having a birthday party that involves sitting around a big table, put up volleyball nets or host it at the park. Bring baseball bats, balls, and gloves to encourage exercise.
  • Have an 80’s themed family dance party. Get the whole family dressed up and dance to hits from the decade.
  • Participate and train for runs and walks as a family. Better yet, choose one that benefits a charity that is important to the whole family. Regular physical activities not only offer a way to get healthy while having fun, but they also allow parents to positively influence their children by example.

Inspired? See what fun ideas your family can come up with!

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." - Jane Howard