To Sneak or Not to Sneak

“No dessert until you eat your vegetables”. This statement must be every child’s nightmare. Why is it that so many kids and even adults don’t like to eat vegetables? We are told to eat vegetables for health reasons, it’s true, but not very exciting, and kids don’t value health, they value taste!  Bribing and nagging just increases the aversion. Logic says if I have to be pushed to eat them, then they really must not taste good. Is sneaking the answer? Sure you can doctor food by deceptively slipping vegetables in pasta sauce, muffins or some butternut squash in the mac and cheese, but what happens if they figure out the trick? Instead of sneaking the veggies in, show yourself, your kids and every other picky eater how tasty vegetables can be! Here are a few delicious ways to bulk up the nutrition while serving food that is delish: 

  • Grate or dice zucchini, carrot, onions, peppers, and more and put them into sauces, tacos, soups, muffins and pancakes.
  • Blend a fruit smoothie and add a few chunks of peeled, seeded and diced cucumber.
  • Serve up salsa. Everyone loves salsa, but it tastes so good people forget it’s made from tomatoes, peppers, celery, onions, cilantro and lime. 
  • Layer up lasagna with spinach and zucchini slices. 
  • Dip and pour. While melting cheese on broccoli or dipping a variety of cut veggies into a low fat ranch or onion dip may sound unhealthy, it can help the transition for the taste buds.

When the only reward for eating our veggies is the food, it’s no longer a punishment, but just an enjoyable meal. 

“If you want to ruin the truth, stretch it."   Unknown