Natural Foods to Lose Weight

It takes a “whole” lot of food to lose weight! Wait, what? Instead of complicated meal plans or counting calories, focus on eating real whole foods for weight loss. Foods that are minimally or unprocessed don’t have all the added fat, sodium, and sugars that expand your waistline. Ideally, a whole food only has one ingredient. Whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains help fill you up while providing your body nutrients. 

The following are a few examples of natural foods to eat and the processed versions to AVOID:  

  • Do eat a baked potato instead of fast-food french fries.
  • Enjoy a peach rather than canned peaches in syrup.
  • Choose fresh chicken breast over processed pepperoni.
  • Have oatmeal, not Sugar Flake O's.
  • Opt for real corn instead of corn meal.

While it may be impossible not to eat any processed foods, being mindful and wisely choosing foods as close to their natural state is a good place to start.