When To Disconnect

Are electronic devices ruling your life, and you just don’t know it?

Computers, smart phones, television, iPads – machines are running our lives. Yes, we need them, but how do we decide when to pull the plug for a while?


• Want to fall asleep easier. Going from an electric device screen to bed makes it harder to fall asleep.

• Would like to lose weight. Sitting in front of a screen for hour after hour can lead to obesity.

• Enjoy human interaction. Every week, call or email a friend you haven’t seen and make a no-devices date for lunch or coffee. Make a no phones at dinner rule. Family dinners should be a time to catch up with each other.

• Need some me time. You should have at least 30 minutes of me-time every day with no devices. Go for a walk, take a long bath or spend time with a pet.

None of us will ever give up our electronic devices, but some times should be a no-no.

“Life is what happens in between wifi signals.” ~ Anonymous