Sit Stand Repeat

The health effects of prolonged sitting are out, and they’re not good. Working at a computer, watching TV or driving, we spend most of the day seated. Even people who exercise regularly but sit for long periods of time have increased risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Our bodies are made for movement. For the first six million years of our existence, activity was a natural part of our day. Now we struggle to make time in the day for activity. So what’s the answer?

If sitting is the “new smoking”, then standing must be the “new quitting”? Not exactly. Standing burns more calories than sitting, but prolonged standing has its drawbacks too. Workers who must stand all day can have low back pain and circulation issues. To minimize health risks, aim for a combination of both standing and sitting!

Dynamic movement appears to be the best solution for reducing risk from prolonged sitting and pain from standing.


  • Start by reducing sitting by 15 to 20 minutes a day,and then set weekly goals.
  • Take 1 to 3 minute breaks every half hour to stand up, walk around or just shift from standing to sitting and back.
  • If available, try a sit/standing desk.

Frequent micro breaks can do more than lower your health risks. They also improve your level of comfort, fight fatigue, increase performance and lower the risk of injury.

“Trust movement.”~ Alfred Adler