Stretching in the Morning Goes A Long Way

We all have our morning routines – a cup of coffee or tea, a warm glass of lemon water or maybe even meditation. However, there is another simple thing we should be doing every morning to kick the day off in a healthy way – STRETCH! The benefits of stretching are physical and mental. It will get your blood flowing to your organs and oxygen to your brain.

Pick areas to focus on. The areas of your body that need a muscle “reset” each morning are the neck, upper and lower back, hip flexors and legs.

Be gentle. Be careful not to push your muscles too hard, and always move in a pain-free range.

Use your breath and mind. Breathe deeply and into your lower belly. While stretching, think aboutpositive things. This will work together with stretching to give you a clear and positive mind for theday ahead.

Need some ideas? Stand up straight, clasp hands together and round upper back for an upperback stretch. For a great spinal twist, lie on the ground with arms out at the sides, cross one legover the other (intending to touch your knee to the ground), while turning your head in theopposite direction. From a standing position, bend down and touch the ground for a hamstringand lower back stretch.

Adding a few stretches to your morning routine can make a huge impact on the rest of your day.Not only will it reset your muscles, it will also calm your mind, wake you up and make you healthier!

“Just before dawn I have the world all to myself.” ~ Terri Guillemets