Manage Your Energy

Do you ever feel too tired or drained for exercise? What fuels and what depletes your energy?

The four dimensions of energy are: Body • Mind • Emotion • Spirit

It makes sense that long work hours and rising daily demands lead to physical and emotional burnout.

Try these tips to restore physical energy and power back up:

  • Intermittent breaks. Our brains need a break every 90-120 minutes. Allowing ourselves to take these periodic breaks restores physical energy.
  • Don’t power through a dip in energy. When you start dragging, stop and rest for ten minutes to allow recovery.
  • View the world through hopeful eyes. Negative thoughts and emotions drain energy.
  • Practice positive activities. When you act with enthusiasm, a sense of purpose and enjoyment, it raises both your spirit and energy.

“When you walk in purpose, you collide with destiny.” Ralph Buchanan