Feed Your Heart & Soul

You deserve the best nourishment for your mind and body. Commit to choosing healthy nutritious options wherever you are.

If you work, chances are you eat at work:

  • Pack a lunch. Foods eaten away from home tend to be less healthy.
  • Pre-plan your meals. Abundant food in endless variety leads to overeating, obesity and chronic disease.
  • Nutritious foods during the work day can help concentration, raise energy, improve morale and lower risk of sickness and accidents.

By making healthy food options easily available you:

  • are providing the types of foods that will fuel your body with a natural energy boost.  
  • are NOT forced to make difficult nutritional choices. Healthy choices have already been made.
  • understand that you deserve good quality nourishment that won’t harm your mind/body and will preserve your health.

Elevate the importance of the quality of food you eat by:

  • Being a thoughtful shopper. Plan meals for the week and make a grocery list.
  • Choosing to snack on foods like carrots or filling foods like nuts so you don’t let yourself get too hungry.
  • Controlling cravings. Being aware of and recognizing cravings for carbs, fat and sugar when stressed or anxious is the first step to crushing the cravings.
  • Retrain your brain. The more you eat healthy foods that you like, the more you will crave them.

Eating better gets easier when..."I can't have that" turns into "I don't want that!" Unknown