Building Inner and Outer Strength

Being happy, healthy and strong requires a basic level of physical fitness. Sedentary lifestyles have made it easy to overlook how little physical activity our bodies are accustomed to. Imagine if an emergency occurs and the basic capacity to climb, jump, crawl, or run has you calling on muscles that have sat dormant since high school? It can be a big wake-up call to find oneself in a situation where physical fitness is needed to escape a situation, help a loved one or even just to keep up on an adventure.

Laying out a plan to increase mobility and strength by moving in healthier ways can bring confidence and self- reliance. If you want it, make it happen:

  • Set a routine. Whether you make a chart or set times for workouts in your calendar, don’t make excuses.
  • Incorporate cardio to build endurance. Aerobic exercise including brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or a rowing machine raise your heart rate to shuttle oxygen to your muscles.
  • Strengthen, tone, and improve flexibility. Bodyweight resistance exercises such as push-ups, sit ups and lunges are simple, effective and free.

Unlock your full body potential and get excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”   Robert H. Schuller