Nurture Your Body

We have choices when it comes to what we do with our time. When trying to tackle a tough problem, cope with a stressful day or situation, try an activity that will nurture your body as well as your mind:

  • Go for a walk. Walking is a path to recovery, a step towards preventive health and can leave major illness like heart disease and diabetes in the dust. Walk away from back pain, bad moods, obesity and towards a longer and happier life.  
  • Take a bike ride. Riding burns mega calories, builds a stronger heart and even a quick sprint can clear your mind.
  • Sit quietly and meditate. Meditation takes you beyond the mind’s busy thought traffic to the silence and peace of expanded awareness. Daily meditation can reduce depression, anxiety and reverse some markers of aging.

Making the choice and taking action to care for yourself puts you in a better position to deal with the challenges that life presents. One of your primary responsibilities is to do something good for yourself today.   

“OUR BODIES are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”   William Shakespeare