Language To Change Your Life

The way we talk to ourselves and others instantly shapes how we perceive life, and directly impacts our behavior. How we talk affects us in the moment, seeps into our subconscious, becomes internalized, changing our thoughts and behaviors in the long term. If you talk about how “unfair” life is, you will start to act according to that view.

You may perceive slights where none exist or put less effort into your goals because you’ve already determined your efforts won’t accomplish anything. The person who talks about success as if it were just around the corner will not only work hard to achieve their goals, but also be energized to succeed.

It is within our power to decide how we think about and talk about our problems. Retrain your brain one word at a time. Just like we build habits by repeating an action until it becomes automatic, we can use strong assertive language over time to create lasting change in our lives. Make a conscious choice to talk in a way that’s helpful rather than harmful.

Assertive self-talk stakes a claim for right here and right now.

I am health conscious and eat foods that fuel my life.

I embrace the strength of my body and mind through exercise.


I will lose weight

I am going to stop smoking.

Consider that your life is not a result of your circumstance, but rather the weight of your self-talk. Power, joy and vitality are influenced much more by what you think you can and cannot do. You can talk yourself into success or failure and the choice is yours.