10 Healthy Spring Foods and How To Enjoy Them

Spring is a time for all things to come alive and experience renewal. Farmer's markets are filled with vibrant new vegetables and fruits that are ripe for the picking. Brighten your table with these spring fruits and vegetables:

  1. Arugula. Combine with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.
  2. Apricots. Grilling apricots brings out their sweetness and adds a delicious smoky flavor.
  3. Artichokes. Boil, grill, braise or stuff and bake.
  4. Asparagus. Roasted with olive oil so they retain a snapping crisp texture.
  5. Avocados. Smashed into guacamole or added to sandwiches or salads.
  6. Beets. Juice them, roast them or julienne to shave into salads.
  7. Carrots. Add crunch to salads, as a grab and go snack or sautéed with a sweet glaze.
  8. Chives. Add to potatoes, eggs, cheese and sour cream.
  9. Peas. Straight out of the pod, add to stir fries, noodle dishes or puree into soup.
  10. Radishes. Slice thin for a raw salad.