The Sensational Strawberry

Sweet, juicy and delicious. Strawberries are a refreshing and healthy treat. While they are available frozen, dried, in jellies, jams or made into a delicious desert, nothing beats a fresh strawberry picked and eaten right off the plant or sliced in a bowl.

One cup of sliced fresh strawberries are only 50 calories and are packed full of important minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory enzymes and antioxidants. Benefits of strawberries include:  

  • Boosting metabolism so the body burns fat instead of storing it.
  • Slowing the signs of skin aging.
  • Help regulate blood sugar, making strawberries a smart choice for diabetics.
  • Protecting from a range of diseases such as, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Eat strawberries, not just for their delicious taste, but also to benefit from their many healing abilities.