Inexpensive Summer Food Items

There are so many summer activities to enjoy and some of them cost money. Rather than cutting back on summer fun, look to healthy foods that won’t break the bank. These tasty foods are good for cutting calories and coins:

Edamame. Enjoy steamed with a touch of salt. Skip the chips and enjoy these bite size legumes for an afternoon snack.

Sweet Potatoes. This root vegetable tastes sweet, costs less than $1 per pound and has high levels of vitamin A and calcium.

Grapes. These tiny fruits have their own bite sized packaging to travel well, are high in antioxidants and priced at $1.50 per pound.

Popcorn. Low in calories and high in fiber. Pop kernels in a paper bag in the microwave and top with your favorite seasonings.

Canned Tuna. Cost is about $1.50 per can and an easy way to get omega-3’s. Mix into salads, or make sandwiches.

Oats. High in fiber and low in fat, oatmeal fills you up and even helps lower cholesterol. Add berries, milk, crushed nuts or sliced fruit.

Beans Garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas), lentils, black beans and pinto beans can be added to salads, made into soups, used as filling in tacos or rolled into burritos.

Peanuts. In their natural form and eaten in moderation are affordable, pack easily and supply a dose of healthy fats.