Eating Outdoors

Whether preparing for a picnic, barbeque or just getting outside for a quick lunchbreak from work, eating outside can do wonders for your mood. Warm weather is a perfect opportunity for dining in nature, but it increases the risk of food poisoning unless foods are packed, transported and cooked safely. When taking your meals outdoors practice a few simple safe food handling tips:

  • Keep cold foods cold. All perishable foods should be kept below 40°F. Keep coolers full of ice to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Consider packing beverages separate from perishable foods to limit the number of times the cooler is opened.
  • Separate. Keep raw meats, poultry and seafood securely wrapped and use different plates and utensils from ready to eat foods.
  • Stay Clean. Wash your hands and surfaces often. Rinse fruits and vegetables under cold water before packing.
  • Don’t leave food outside in hot weather (90°F or above) for more than one hour. 

“A picnic is a great way to see what all the foods you love will taste like if you add ants.”  Unknown