Move Forward Without Worry

Many people are afraid to make choices because they fear making the wrong ones. How can we know if we are making a good decision? Most people look at the outcome of the decision to determine if we made the right choice. If you decide to go to the beach and it rains the whole time, remember, the outcome is not the measure of the decision, but the uncontrollable factors had their affect. Instead to determine whether a decision is good or not, focus on the decision-making process. Improve your good decision making skills and learn to move forward without worry.

Three important foundations for good decision making are:

  1. Know your values. Having a clear set of priorities allows one to choose the correct path for them.  
  2. Experience. We all learn from past failures and successes.
  3. Common sense. Use what knowledge you have to help you make the best decision.

“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”   Roy Disney