Small Bites For Halloween Night

Candy is highly seasonal. Sales peak around holidays and Halloween reigns supreme! This time of year sweets are everywhere and temptation is around every corner. Having a plan to mindfully decide, what and when you will eat it, can help you keep your claws out of the candy bowl.

  • Don’t buy your favorite candy. If you will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, choose something you can easily resist.
  • Track your treats. It’s easy to just “have a few” or “one more” fun size candy bar, but those can add up fast. Keep count on a food journal so not to lose sight of how much you eat.
  • Fill up on real food. Have a satisfying meal that is high in fiber and lean protein so you are less likely to feel hungry again soon.
  • Hit the spot. For a sweet fix, eat sweet fruits like grapes or berries. If chocolate is what you crave, choose a couple squares of satisfying dark chocolate.  

Planning ahead can make sure you enjoy the treats you eat, indulge less and feel satisfied without overdoing it!