Decisions Without Regret

Sometimes big decisions are so complicated, it’s almost impossible to know with certainty that you are making the right decision. Life is too unpredictable to know for sure what the outcome will be.

Here are a few tips to make a decision without regret:

  1. Know your purpose. What core values define your purpose? Use your purpose as a guide when a hard decision comes along. Evaluate your choices. Which is in closest alignment with your purpose and vision for your life?
  2. Calm mental chaos. Instead of over-thinking, quiet your mind and meditate on it for a few days. The answer may present itself unexpectedly.
  3. Don’t look back. There are millions of paths we can take in a lifetime, uncertainty is part of life. Have confidence that you made the best decision with the information available at the time and move forward without regret.

“There is something good to be learned on every path we follow.”   Barrie Davenport