Spending And Saving

Spring is a great time to make a financial to-do list. Here are a few suggestions to help manage funds for summer fun, budget for home improvement and save for the future:

  • Spring clean and weed out financial documents you no longer need. Generally, you can dispose of tax documents after seven years. Use a shredder for paper statements and trash documents stored on your computer, external drives and devices.
  • Survey your savings plan. May 29th is National 529 College Savings Plan Day. If you have children, a college savings plan can be considered an important part of a long-term savings plan.
  • Audit recurring charges. Scan your credit card statement and highlight the fees and subscriptions you don’t need. Small fees add up quickly, so cancel what you don’t use and can live without.

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”   Albert Einstein