The Power of Anticipation

We all need to look forward to something. While living in the present is a beneficial practice, when going through difficult situations, a healthy sense of anticipation for the future can provide the motivation and resilience to get through tough times.

A few simple examples include:

  • Having a bad day at work? Take a break to think about fun weekend plans and feel re-energized for your work task.
  • Changing an unhealthy habit like quitting smoking? Planning a vacation with the money you are saving by not buying cigarettes may help curb impulses.
  • Giving a stressful presentation at work? Plan ahead for a fun lunch break afterward.

People need to feel optimistic about the future even when they aren’t going through tough times. Take a moment and think about what you look forward to, whether it’s spending time with your kids, seeing a movie, or spending time with a friend. Find something to make your future look a little brighter and happier, add them to your calendar and take pleasure in the anticipation of good things to come.

“Looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them.”   Lucy Maud Montgomery