Courageous Decisions

Decisions can be difficult because of the fear of making the wrong choice, or inevitably, the fear of failure. Making good decisions includes gathering information, identifying alternatives, evaluating each option, choosing or combining alternatives and the courage to take action. Even when a choice is made, you are free to act or not to act. It’s okay to hold off on a decision, to make the choice that feels right. When you stop fearing the consequences of a “wrong decision” you may realize that you are making the best choice you can with the information available to you.

There is no magical “right choice,” but it is usually the option with the least risk. The hardest part of making a decision is searching for the alternative option you have yet to find. Sometimes you simply have to decide NOT to decide, until you identify an acceptable option.

Once the choice is made, have courage and faith that the consequences will unfold as they should. When a choice is made and a direction is set, it takes courage to step beyond what is comfortable and predictable. Coping with fears using courage can lead to new effective solutions.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”   Theodore Roosevelt