Resistance To Victory

At home work-outs have been a necessity for many, rather than an option. When looking for a low-cost product, consider super affordable resistance bands. Anyone at any fitness level, can benefit from using resistance bands. These tiny tools are versatile, fun to use, and can be utilized for targeting larger muscles as well as smaller, stabilizing muscles. While resistance bands are a great way to work out at home, they also don’t take up a lot of space and are transportable.

There are a variety of types of resistance bands available including:

Double bands – Basic long tube with handles on either end. Offers versatility with upper and lower body exercises.

Figure 8s – Named after their unique shape, featuring a closed-loop design with two handles; useful for short-range exercises.

Loop resistance bands – Latex circular bands without handles can be looped around your legs, for thigh and butt workouts.

Most bands are color-coded according to tension level. It’s best to have light, medium and heavy since different muscle groups require different levels of resistance.

The best resistance bands are the ones that work for you. Whichever type you choose, be sure to abide by the safety instructions.


“Out of resistance comes strength.”   Napoleon Hill