Beat Cabin Fever - Virtual Work Outs

Stay fit and conquer cabin fever with at home virtual workouts. There are a wide variety of options to choose from that require nothing more than a Wi-Fi connection and some motivation. You can get a workout via online classes, mobile apps, free videos and even your kids game console! Some options have subscription fees while many others are completely free. Here are some suggestions and a few things to consider when getting started.

YouTube offers videos that are free to watch and can be easily accessed anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Social Media Channels. Many gyms and studios post workout videos ranging from yoga to kickboxing. Check Facebook and Instagram for videos that are updated daily.

Live Streaming Memberships. If you miss working out in a gym atmosphere, and crave the extra motivation of working out with others, then a live streaming service might be a good choice. For a monthly subscription fee, users get unlimited access to dozens of live workouts a day, and on-demand videos in digital libraries.

Game Consoles. Not just for kids anymore! Gather the whole family for a fun workout. The PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii offer game titles that are entertaining, challenging, and will get everybody off the couch.

Mobile Apps. Exercise apps can make working out a breeze. When paired with smart watches or Fitbits these apps can bring your workout to a new level. Monitor and record things like heart rate, distance traveled, speed and other statistics to track progress.

Being stuck inside doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Turn it into an opportunity to explore new and exciting workout possibilities for yourself or the whole family.

“One day or day one. You decide.”   Unknown