Healthy Eating Season

The start of holiday season for some, marks the beginning of “eating season.” There are an abundance of traditions that revolve around rituals and high-calorie foods. Here are a few mental shifts, mindfulness practices and simple strategies to consider this holiday season, to enjoy some tasty treats and stay healthy:

Treats in moderation. If holiday cookies or desserts are tempting you, satisfy your sweet tooth while limiting yourself to 2 sweet treats a day.

Use a smaller plate. Indulge in your favorite dishes while mindfully portioning servings on your plate.

Eat veggies and salad first. Fill up on the lowest calorie items first, which leaves less room for the heavier foods.

Sensible substitutions. When cooking, use herbs and spices for flavor instead of salt. Reach for white meat over dark, take off the skin, and try applesauce instead of butter when baking.

Lighten up libations. Egg nog, hot chocolate and alcohol can come with extra calories. Pass on the whipped cream topping, use low-fat or skim milk, and drink a glass of water between other beverages.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”   Vincent Van Gogh