Free Your MInd From Food

How often do you think about food? Have you ever been watching TV and all of a sudden, you are taking a mental inventory of what’s in the refrigerator and anticipating a snack? Sitting home for long periods of time, boredom, stressful times, or just needing a break from concentration can lead to a mental shift to “what’s to eat?”

You have the power to quiet thought induced cravings and stay on track to make food decisions that you can feel good about.  Here are a few tips to try when your stomach is full, but your mind wants to munch:

Go for a walk. Sometimes your body may be craving movement, so get out of the kitchen and go for a short walk. Take the dog out, or just a quick stroll to distract your mind.

Call a friend. Catch up with someone you care about and feed your soul instead of your appetite.

Do something nourishing. Take a hot bath, do a face mask or brush your teeth. Taking the time to show appreciation for and to yourself can shift your mindset away from food.

Meditate. Focus on a spot on the wall or close your eyes. Pay attention to your breathing. Loosen your jaw and let your tongue relax. This will quiet your mind and internal chatter.

Drink a glass of water. Sometimes being thirsty and being hungry can feel the same.

Portion snacks. It’s okay to want to have a snack. An easy way to avoid mindlessly eating is to plan ahead and have pre-portioned snacks like nuts, popcorn and cut veggies and fruit in small containers for the time of day that you’ll want them most.

The mental battle often boils down to simply asking yourself if you are really hungry or just tired, upset, depressed, lonely or anxious.