Create A Personal Growth Plan

There is power in personal growth. It’s normal to feel like we don’t do enough, have enough or even feel like we are enough. These limiting beliefs can be a trap. No matter what your vision of personal growth entails you can achieve your goals and increase your self-value by making choices in favor of self-care.

Tailor your personal growth plan and goals to work towardS becoming the best version of you possible, by:

  1. Thinking about what you really want. Career growth, better relationships, improved health.
  2. Discover the “why”. What is the driving force behind your goal? Dig a little deeper to find your motivation. Do you want improvedhealth so you can be more active to travel with your family?
  3. Identify obstacles. Perceive challenges as opportunities.  
  4. Utilize tools. What resources are available to you? Books, programs, coaches or mentors can help you navigate your path.
  5. Believe in yourself. The belief that you are capable of achieving your dreams, maintains the momemtum to realize them.
  6. Keep track in writing. Write out your plan and track your progress to increase focus.
  7. Celebrate progress. Personal growth is a journey so appreciate the effort you put in as you continue.

Avoid Self-Sabotage

  1. Don’t listen to critical voices, inner or outer
  2. Face fears with self-compassion and allow joy
  3. Believe in yourself

“Nothing is, unless our thinking makes it so.”   William Shakespeare