Choose Downtime

Most of us have more to do in a day than we have time to do it. Convincing yourself to slow down and take a break to devote to your own relaxation can feel like wasting time, but it is not. We are constantly pulled outside ourselves by other people and demands of daily life.

Carving out a little solitude time with no obligations can give you the emotional boost you need for inner growth and renewal. The harder we push, the more we also need time to replenish ourselves. You deserve to get a private moment or two to turn your attention inward.

  • Make a date with yourself. Not to get anything accomplished, but just to simply have fun or relax.
  • Mindful moments. Make the most of empty spaces in almost every day.
  • Get quiet. Take a walk or sit still in silence.

“Solitude is the soul’s holiday, an opportunity to stop doing for others and to surprise and delight ourselves instead.”   Katrina Kenison