Is The Time Right?

Is it time to make that big purchase? Move to a new area? Change jobs? Start or add to a family? When assessing major life decisions, we should consider timing. An action taken too soon can be as ineffective as an action taken too late. Waiting until the timing is right, means we aren’t procrastinating or acting too soon. The world doesn’t always unfold according to our expectations. There is a difference between delaying action because of scheduling, prioritizing or other valid reasons and putting off doing something without good reason.

Acting too soon. Sometimes we act too soon, out of panic or fear in an attempt to relieve anxiety about how a situation will turn out. Decisions given too little time may lead to action, without the knowledge that may have led to a better outcome.

Procrastination is intentionally putting off doing something that should be done. Leaving too much time to act on a known problem may cause us to miss the window of opportunity to pick the best options.

Delaying purposefully. Choosing when to decide is a balance between making a snap decision that seems right and pausing to gather additional knowledge before deciding.

There is no perfect time or answer. Nothing can ensure the outcome you hope for, but when you act for the right reasons, focusing on trusting your inner guidance system, you improve your chances of making a good choice.

“Changes are sweeter born from desire, not desperation.”   Becky Vollmer