Eat Like Royalty

Royalty demands the best and so should you. The best, doesn’t mean the most expensive or the richest foods, it means food that is fresh, seasonal and local. Simple, yet healthful dishes with lots of vegetables, are the highest quality foods to nourish yourself and your family.

You are the king or queen of your body, so plan a menu that is fit for a magnificent future.

Here are a few tips to elevate the status of your menu by focusing on quality foods that are appealing to the senses:

Appearance. We eat with our eyes first, so presentation does matter. Choose fruits and vegetables with a variety of colors.

Aroma. The smell of food can enhance the flavor. Freshly cooked food that smells delicious can appetize the palate.

Texture. Since the texture of food is mostly determined by moisture and fat contents, the sensory experience is influenced by how the food structure breaks down inthe mouth.

Taste. Foods with less salt, sugar and fat may not be perceived to be as tasty, but adding in the sensory cues of appearance, aroma and texture can enhance the enjoyment of healthier foods with reduced fat, sugar and salt.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”   Paul Prudhomme