Summer Dining Done Right

Seasons influence dining habits and nothing feeds summer cravings like barbeque. A few healthy reminders whether grilling at home or dining out include:

Avoid overdoing it. Moderation and portion control is the key to enjoying all of your favorite foods, without eating everything you may want.

Balance your plate. Make a healthy plate, filling half with fruits and vegetables and the other half with grains, protein and dairy.

Cut the fat. When grilling meat, choose leaner, unprocessed options such as:

  • Poultry: Skinless, white meat chicken or turkey.
  • Beef: Flank steak, top loin, sirloin, tenderloin or 90% lean ground beef.
  • Pork: Chops or tenderloin.

Slim down summer salads. Start with greens, fresh vegetables and light dressings, and pass on creamy salads loaded with mayonnaise or heavy dressings.

Savor seafood. You simply can’t go wrong when picking your favorite seafood and cooking it over a hot well-oiled grill.

The grill is a handy tool when it comes to cooking healthy and delicious summer meals.