Choose Happy

When unhappiness has taken a hold of us, it can be hard to find our own way out. There is a choice to be made here. Identifying and understanding the unhappiness we feel, then naming the emotion, can help manage it, and lighten the mood. 

A few concepts to consider adopting to practice emotional self-regulation include:

Worry never solved anything. If you don’t have the power to fix something, worrying won’t do it either. Don’t fret over things beyond your control.

There are always things to feel grateful for. Recognize things in your life that are good, beneficial or in abundance to bring you back into a more pleasant state of mind.

Focus on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others or look to another to make you happy. Do something you enjoy and relish in all the small achievable goals you accomplish. 

Let go and move on. Stop dwelling on old hurts. Forgive and allow yourself the freedom and time to heal.

“Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.”   Mark Twain