Something To Look At

Sight is one of the five senses and it translates light into shapes, colors and we see in the word around us. Vision is a complex process, but if we focus in on sun safety for the eyes, then we can appreciate why protecting our eyes and the sensitive tissue around them is so vital. 

The sun harms your eyes from UV radiation and can cause serious eye conditions including:

Cataracts. The most common cause of treatable blindness. 

Macular degeneration. Vision loss caused by cumulative UV damage to the central portion of the retina. 

Keratitis. Or Corneal sunburn also known as “snowblindness,” occurs because of the sun’s intensity at altitudes and its reflective nature off of water, snow and ice.

Conjunctive cancers. Tumors that grow on the outer surface of the eye.


What you can do to protect your eyes and vision are:

Look cool. Wear sunglasses year round to block UVA and UVB rays and to look better.

Fashion a hat. A wide-brimmed hat looks amazing at the beach and keeps the rays off your eyes.

Don’t cloud over. Even if it’s hazy, keep the eye protection on. 

Trust Reflection. Take extra care near water, sand and snow. 80 percent more of the sun’s rays reflect off these surfaces. 

“The eye is the jewel of the body.” – Henry David Thoreau