New Year, New Adventures

When it comes to physical activity, which appeals more to you: Walking on a treadmill? Or on a dirt path? Using the rowing machine? Or paddling a kayak down the river?

Physical activity is more than exercise, it’s your time to move your body, refresh your spirit, and let your inner child go out to play! 

Here are a few adventurous activities to consider as alternatives to ordinary exercise:

Mountain biking will have you whizzing up and down trails and kicking up dust as you tackle terrain. It’s a low impact sport that won’t wear on your joints like running, and there are trails to suit all fitness levels. 

Rock climbing increases cardio endurance, upper-body and core strength, and flexibility. There are indoor rock climbing facilities that are perfect for beginners to tackle. 

Sledding or snowboarding in the winter can be fun and the walk back up the hill can be more rewarding than a stair climber machine. 

Skiing can provide a rush, with wind in your face and snow moving briskly beneath your skis. Downhill or cross country skiing offers a cardiovascular work-out and improves balance and range of motion. Hiking is the ultimate back to nature activity. There’s no better way to fully experience a landscape than by trekking through it. 

Spectacular natural settings tend to accompany adventure activities and spending time outdoors and in nature is great for your physical and mental health.

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”   Amelia Earhart