Stress Response

Stress refers to two things: the perception of danger and the body’s automatic response to it. Two simple ways to managestress are to first, change the way we think about the situation, so it is not perceived as stressful, then second, practice a healthy response to the stressor.

Many people feel a continuous struggle with stress and anxiety. All too often people turn to unhealthy behaviors in attempt to relieve the tension they feel. Becoming aware of how you typically respond to stress can help you make healthier choices. 

Some typical unhealthy reactions include:

• Overeating or undereating

• Sleeping too much                                                        

• Smoking, drinking too much or using drugs

• Watching endless hours of TV

• Lashing out at others

• Withdrawing or isolating

Healthier reactions or ways to manage stress include: 

• Meditating

• Practicing gratitude

• Going for a walk

• Listening to calming music

• Journaling

• Letting go of what is beyond our control

“Reality is an illusion albeit a very persistent one. ”   Albert Einstein