Fit In A Mini Workout

How much time do you have to exercise? Long workdays and home responsibilities can easily take up every precious minute of the day and it can feel overwhelming to fit in the recommended 150 minutes or (2.5 hours) of heart pumping physical activity a week to maintain good health. 

If time management is an issue, performing bite-sized workouts over the course of the day can provide flexibility and be as effective as one continuous session. Mini workouts are shorter sessions that break up activity into several smaller routines. When you are short on time, three 10-minute bouts of physical activity accumulated throughout the day can be easier to fit in. 

A Few Tips To Make Mini Workouts Work For You:

Schedule exercise into your day, just like you would an appointment. 

Maximize your time by alternating between low-intensity and high-intensity moves.

Repeat mini-workouts three times a day, separated by one to four hours.

Short bursts of activity throughout the day can be a solution for staying healthy on days when it feels like you don’t have time to exercise. 

"The way we spend our time defines who we are."   Jonathan Estrin