What Now?

It is easy to get tangled in worrisome thoughts. One common anxiety provoking question is, “What’s going to happen?”, as no one knows what the future holds. When anxiety levels pass from occasional brief nervousness to staying stuck in a loop of debilitating sense of dread, it’s time to take action to break the cycle. Here are some coping tips to help quiet constant worry :

Take things one day at a time. Focusing on what we need to do just for today, in the next hour or even in the next five minutes can help us see what is within our control.

Go easy. Pay attention to how you feel anxiety in your body (gut, heart, tense muscles), notice it, but don’t judge it or analyze it.

Think differently about what you are feeling. Anticipatory anxiety is expecting a disappointing outcome. Believe that it’s going to be okay, by choosing to be hopeful.

Interrupt the anticipation. Think of the emotional feeling as a wave coming towards you, recognize the feelings of fear and interrupt the anxiety by appreciating something you are grateful for.

Life brings many unexpected situations, some happy and some disappointing. Worry is a feeling that almost always is connected to the future and a fear of not getting the outcome we desire. When worry becomes excessive it can block us from functioning effectively today. Instead of spending energy fretting about what you can’t control, aim your attention to what you can control and trust that everything can work out okay.

What consumes your mind is what controls your life.”   Anonymous