Choose To Be Willing

Everyone at one time or another has felt a loss of direction, hopelessness, resentfulness, fearfulness, or being full of anger. These are all signs that spiritual healing is needed. Spiritual wellness is one of the components that determines quality of well-being. Solutions to problems, peace of mind, and freedom from despair are only a few of the potential benefits of being spiritually healthy.

A few examples of spiritual wellness and tips to improve it:

Spiritually Healthy

Tips To Improve Spiritual Wellness

Willingness to trust that our care is connected to good things and people in the world.

Spend quiet time doing activities that allow for self-reflection and to feel at peace.   

A sense of belonging, understanding every person has a significance and we are connected in unity by a greater purpose.

Determine your values by discovering what is important to you, in order to help build a framework to live by.

Choose actions that inspire and expand selfless kindness, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness.

Practice acts of kindness. Giving back reminds us of the things we are grateful for.

Consideration of the needs of others and helping from selfless intentions while not draining ourselves for the sake of others.

Be true to yourself and live authentically with firm boundaries and a clear conscience.


“You’ll see it when you believe it.”   Wayne Dyer